Candidate Statement

Lynn Malbeuf

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

 During your 2+ years of membership in SVN, describe how you have utilized your member benefits. (Networking, training, credential, etc.)

Being a member of the SVN has been invaluable in helping me revise policies to provide a professional, comprehensive, and effective supervised visitation service. I have participated in numerous online trainings and attended multiple conferences. I also completed the 24-hour training in Vancouver and am certified to facilitate the Nurturing Parent program. The networking has enabled me to connect with others in the field and has helped me effectively address problems as they arose.

Describe your experience in the field of supervised visitation or relevant experience that intersects with the field of supervised visitation.

I have worked for a non-profit community services organization for over 17 years in various capacities, but all involving direct service to children, youth and families. Most relevant to supervised visitation is my work as an outreach counsellor where I provided outreach services to parents experiencing challenges due to poverty, homelessness, addictions and mental health. During this time, I also did supervised visitation all related to child protection. Then from 2017 to 2020, I ran a supported supervised visitation program for Aboriginal families involved with the Ministry for Children and Family Development in British Columbia. The supported aspect of this program really appealed to me as it provided parents with an opportunity to address their issues and improve their parenting skills.

SVN’s vision statement is: “The Supervised Visitation Network champions a world in which all vulnerable families have access to safe and quality visitation services.” Discuss your commitment to better outcomes for families in consideration of racial, cultural, socio-economic, gender equity and ability/disability.

I am committed to encouraging the provision of services that are inclusive of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This does not mean ignoring differences but finding the commonalities among individuals. Cultural differences must be taking into consideration and attempts must be made by service providers to accommodate the unique needs of all users. Factors such as language, traditions, beliefs, and values are important and addressing these within supervised visitation will help ensure that safe and quality visitation services are provided.

What do you envision as the primary function of the position you are seeking and what skills, talent and experiences do you have that would most benefit SVN (and ultimately the membership) if elected to the position?

I believe my primary role will be to stay informed of what is happening in the field of supervised visitation, liaise with other board members, attend meetings, conferences, and events, act as a support to the SVN membership, and maintain a commitment to the SVN and the field in general. I believe that my education, experience working in the field, my teaching background and my entrepreneurial endeavours will all aid me in being an asset to the SVN Board and the membership. I am curious, resourceful, approachable, and committed to improving the field of supervised visitation. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and try to encourage this desire to improve and learn in others and am excited about the prospect of working with so many others who are equally committed to this work.  

Regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion, what strategy(s) would you utilize to effectively engage in dialogue with the membership?

Knowledge is power and in order to ensure that I am being respectful and inclusive of everyone, I will continue to educate myself about various cultures. I will remain open and refrain from making assumptions. I will first seek to listen and understand so that I am able to meet the needs of the membership with whom I engage. Canada is viewed as a mosaic, which presents an image of something of beauty that is valued and appreciated. It is this belief that will guide my work with the SVN and with my clients.

In what local, national, state, or provincial organizations (coalitions, groups, or task forces) outside of SVN or your current employer are you involved that would enhance the Networks goals?

I am not aware of any other provincial or national groups related to the field of supervised visitation, thus I am not a member of any other groups. This is the main reason that I became a member of the SVN as I could not find any other organizations that support those in the field. I will continue to search in my area and network with others and am open to participating in other groups to support the goals of the SVN and its members.