Thursday Optional Event

SVN's Back, Alright!! Whether you were a Spice Girl or a Left Eye, the 90’s was your time to shine. Grunge was big in Seattle, with a little band you may know called Nirvana. Motown Philly was back again, no diggity, No Doubt. TV was entertaining us with Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell and Friends. Everyone wanted “the Rachel” and Death Row Records was where it was at. Fashion saw everything from track suits to jelly shoes, JNCO jeans to Skater skirts. Whatever you liked, the 90’s had it. 

SVN is heading back to the beginning, 1991. SVN was just created and the 90’s were just kicking off. Join us while we celebrate our roots with a totally rad 90’s party! *Optional Event. Ticket Required to let the beat, um, drop! 

 When: Thursday, September 23, 2021 

Where: Lucky Strike (Location is attached to hotel!) 


Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

Dress: Totally Rad 90's Attire

Details: SVN will make you Jump! Jump!

We will be living like 90's royalty, Justin & Britney, in our private party suite! Suite includes private bowling lanes, private cash bar and lots of comfy couches to just lounge around! Oh, did we mention its inside a giant arcade? Start working on your crane game skills today! Full Meal will be provided (Pizza, Salads, Sliders, all the best party food!) Whoomp! There it is! 

Cost: $75 per person includes full meal, $10 game card and beer and wine!.








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