What is a certificate training?

Certificate Training is a structured learning program that does not confer a degree but is designed to achieve specific and predetermined learning outcomes. It differs from standard training programs that merely issue certificates of attendance. The distinctive feature of certificate programs lies in their use of assessments, such as tests, to measure individual achievement of the intended learning outcomes.

Unlike academic degrees, a certificate does not necessarily validate the ability to perform a specific job or career. Instead, it signifies the successful attainment of the information presented during the training. In line with industry practices in credentialing, the organization offering the certificate program (SVN) must also be the educational provider (SVN).

Participation in this certificate program is optional, and SVN members have the choice to fulfill the SVN 24-hour training requirement independently. The program addresses a prevalent need identified during a 3-year environmental survey conducted by the credentialing committee, where nearly half of the members expressed a lack of sufficient training opportunities in their areas. The certificate training program aims to meet the training standards for those providers who struggle to meet SVN requirements or seek formal recognition for obtaining the issued certificate.

It's important to note that while this program aligns with SVN standards, it may also fulfill specific state and government requirements in your area. Attendees are encouraged to seek guidance to confirm its applicability in their regions.

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