Regional Training

SVN offers different types of regional training opportunities:

    • 24 Hour Certificate Training: This program will specifically meet the 24 hours of training required of SVN members as detailed in the SVN standards HERE.  A formal certificate program is a form of credentialing, but it is not certification. For more information about the history of the certificate training go HERE.


  • Administrative Certificate Training: This program will specifically meet the 16 hours of training required of program leadership as detailed in the SVN standards HERE. A formal certificate program is a form of credentialing, but it is not certification. 



  • Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families in Supervised Visitation- is an innovative program designed to empower parents and parent educators in creating customized, competency based parenting programs to meet the specific needs of families in supervised visitation. It consists of 45 lessons, each lasting between approximately 30 minutes that are intended to either precede a supervised visitation, or be incorporated into the visit.


  • Continuing Education: These training opportunities will deal with topics of interest for SVN members. Attendees may have already met training requirements, but wish to further develop their knowledge and skills when providing services. Attendees who have not met training requirements will still be able to apply these workshops towards meeting their training goals. 


All upcoming training is listed here:

SVN Key Concepts- Online Continuing Education Course 

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What exactly is a Certificate Training?

A certificate program is a non-degree granting structured learning program that is designed to meet specific and predetermined learning outcomes and for which individual achievement of intended learning outcomes is measured. It is different than a standard training program that issues a certificate of attendance. The key distinction is that certificate programs use a measurement of learner achievement (test). Similar to an academic degree, it does not speak to the ability to perform a specific job or career, but does demonstrate successful attainment of the information presented during the training.

Per credentialing industry practices, the organization issuing the certificate program (SVN) must also be the provider (SVN) of the educational program. This is an optional program and SVN members can elect to meet the SVN 24 hour training requirement independently of this program. It is worth noting that during the 3 year environmental survey conducted through the work of the credentialing committee, almost half of the members responded that there were not sufficient training opportunities in their areas. This program was developed to meet the need for training for those providers who have difficulty meeting the SVN training standards, or who may want formal recognition for attaining the certificate that is issued.

Please note that while this program was designed to specifically meet the SVN standards, it may possibly meet specific state and/or government requirements in your area. Each attendee is encouraged to seek counsel to verify applicability in their area.